Well we made it. Little man is officially not so little anymore. But let's not talk about the past year because you've been with us from the beginning. Let's just talk about these past two months.

Our adoption became final. Joseph was pretty stoked. 

 We had a celebration for the big ONE. We really wanted it to be at home. We really thought we'd have our boy in his room where it's been waiting for a year. But instead we had a small gathering at his hospital. And while it wasn't an ideal location, Jojo didn't really mind. Because he's the best. And the cutest. Here's a million pictures to prove it. 

He loved opening and eating his gifts. 

He thought he was going to love eating his cupcake.

 But he didn't.

He did however love his new best friend, Frankie the Fox.

His sister even behaved for like 20 minutes. 

I also went all 8th grade and made a slideshow with music and everything. If you want to recap his big year on earth, feel free to watch below. I haven't quite mastered iMovie yet, and probably never will, so don't judge. 

So it's been a year and we still aren't home. And it sucks. I took the rest of the year off to make sure I was receiving enough training for Joseph's care. But at the end of the day, I still have to leave him and I am ripped to shreds. While he has been in great care and has been receiving awesome therapy, we are desperate to have him home. Every day that I walk by his empty room it shatters my heart. 

But here's how you can help. We are basically waiting on nursing. Joseph is going to require home health care until we are trach free. That means we need skilled nurses to come to our home everyday and help us out with our amazing boy. Right now, we have two day nurses, but with Jerod's crazy schedule, we still need night nurses.

So how can you help? Well we are looking for nurses who are familiar and trained with a trach and a ventilator. Joseph is vent dependent and also has a G button. He's one year old and has a ton of personality. His favorite hobbies include sleeping, painting, playing the maracas, and flirting with the ladies. Have I convinced you yet? Maybe you need another picture. 

Come on, don't you just want to come hang out with this kid? If you or someone you might know is interested in applying to be his night nurse, please contact Chrissy with Advantage nursing. The number is 618-659-2209. Tell them you would like to apply to be Joseph Henderson's nurse. 

If you have any questions, please message me or email me at Feel free to share this post and help bring Joseph home! 

The Hendersons

p.s. Thank you to Kristin Fanning for capturing the day! 

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